Don’t get upset with your London escort.

drinking alcohol after diazepam Don’t get upset with your London escort. It simply won’t do guys. You’ll be lucky if they even speak to you before they leave your hotel room or wherever you are at the time; slamming the door behind them.  Getting upset with an escort is a sure way of getting them to leave and possibly a sure way of getting yourself registered among agencies as a bit of a prick and someone to avoid.  This does happen by the way!We spoke a while back about what your London escort may need to wear for a specific function.  This is fine, and you shouldn’t usually have a problem here.  The problems arise when the escort girl you’ve booked isn’t wearing the right underwear or something like that.  You must understand that you aren’t even promised a glimpse of their underwear to begin with, never mind actually being able to dictate what they wear!  You can ask, but we’re not saying you’ll have any luck.

London escort discretion

injecting crushed valium The money that exchanges hands is for companionship only.  Those are the rules and anything else is at the escort’s discretion, not ours.  We make no promises at all.  Having a load of money does not buy you the right to boss our escorts around and we simply won’t have it.  So use your heads guys and if you do as you’re told and don’t expect too much you might get lucky; our girls are all pretty naughty and they’re always ready for a good time! This is probably one of the best quotes you could remember when it comes to a London .  Just keep it in mind: “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” Robert A. Heinlein London escort

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