London escort dream client

phentermine overnight delivery no rx It was second month of being a London escort. My weekly rota included Saturday and Sunday nights, weekends were great because of the variety of clients. That night I received a London escort booking with this mid 30′s male staying at a boarding house.  He was a handsome man and had something that seemed to be very alluring about him. get prescription phentermine online order klonopin canada soma cheap cod

cheap phentermine without rx cheap phentermine australia “ klonopin online us pharmacy You looking for a London escort?” I said as I entered his room and introduced myself. I explained the rules to him and got all that administrative stuff out of the way.  I was attracted to him from the start. Who could blame me, he was gorgeous! He had a very sexy smile with the most beautiful dimples. I felt rather excited because I knew in a while I was to see all of him. soma with no rx and free shipping buy valium thailand I was as nervous as a London escort could be. He could tell I am sure, as it was so obvious.  He was a regular client of this London Escort Agency – all the escorts spoke of him. He had been using the escort service for about 3 year and of-course he was the talk of the agency.  I excused myself to go to the bathroom, when he suggested we take a bath together.  I was turned on by that thought immediately and couldn’t help feeling as though generic valium 2mg generic valium imprint he was up to something. buy klonopin discount

In the bathroom

buying xanax online cheapest He had already drawn a bubble bath and arranged strawberries and chocolate on the side, along with some chilled champagne. Soaking in the bathroom feeling all warm all over, I began to wash him starting at his chest and gently cleansed his body. I knew I had to wash his private area and was very nervous. I moved my hand around in the water feeling for him. What I found was ripping hard. At that moment I looked up at him and he chuckled at me and said “what can I say – you are so sexy” I continued to stroke his hardness – I had to make sure everything was clean, after all. lorazepam overnight cod

I was drenching wet

buy phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg online At this point, I was drenching wet and I am not talking about the bath water. As soon as I touched him, I felt the juices escape from me. I could feel myself quivering from holding onto him with my hand. He knew, when I looked at him he was admiring my naked breasts. “Oh I love your shape” he said, “I want to taste you so bad.” By this time, I just wanted to jump on board and take him for a ride.  My body was screaming with excitement and everything in me was telling me to take him in me. He touched me all over with an erotic display of power. My nipples were hard begging for a tongue. I was so hot by now it was almost like meeting a London escort dream client – thinking about how jealous the other escorts would be because it was finally my turn.

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My London escort skills

soma online purchase London escortMy London escort skills were showing as I leaned over for him to get a quick lick. However, that wasn’t enough, he sucked me hard and the naughty boy bit me a tiny bit.  I moaned and slid my hand down thigh feeling a release of juices. How I wanted him to taste me – I knew he wanted to.  I couldn’t believe this was happening. He told me “yea baby come for me I want more of you, give me more!” He was helpless and at my control. I said “Not so fast Mr Big.” I took him in my mouth, teasing and flicking my tongue he moaned.  The deeper I went swallowing him, the more he moaned. We were in ecstasy. I continued until he couldn’t take it anymore. He grew larger in my mouth and harder and I just knew he was about to explode. I moaned to let him know it was ok. I let out a scream and lapped up every sweet tasting drip. I told him I wanted come for him too. I let him watch me grind against my hand until it was my turn. Letting him seem my writhing spasm turned me on even more. This experience did not end that day. I would see him again and again and had many more London escort adventures together.

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